“Before the Finding Your #UnspeakableJOY 90-Day Check Yourself Challenge Workshop, I struggled with a lack of organization, negative, self-defeating mindsets. I wondered if I would get the most out of this workshop. I decided to participate because I wanted a radical change for the better in my mindset that would manifest in my personal life. I wanted to leverage my clarity on my strengths and weaknesses, clarify the channel for my purpose, and leverage what I learned to achieve the vision for my life. I needed to transform my life.

Since beginning this workshop, I am overall more aware of my self-defeating thinking patterns. I am developing meaningful self-care and self-defense strategies to protect my peace of mind and life balance. I transition much more quickly away from negative feelings and thought patterns. I’ve had more moments of ‘connection’ with others. Thank you for the awesome life insight. I’m walking away with tools that I can use for a lifetime as well as share with others. Also, what an extraordinary group! I feel empowered just being in their presence. Their strength radiates.”