Finding Your #UnspeakableJOY: Right There Where You Are 

– LIVE Zoom Workshop 



The stress is literally killing people.
Research proves our exposure to severe or persistent stressors is having a terrible impact on our collective mind, body and soul. Early health deterioration is a preventable side effect of the way we are dealing with social or economic adversity and political marginalization. The higher the exposure to stress, the bigger the impact. Our collective anxiety is piling up on top of all your personal responsibilities and professional goals.  That’s a dangerous situation.
Oh, but you, my friend, are awesome. You’re not complaining. No, you’re one of the ones busy forging a path for others to move forward out of this mess. You are a leader who cares deeply about solving these problems. And that care and concern is silently taking a serious toll on your health and well-being. You may have been too busy doing what you’ve always done to notice. Maybe you’re doing your best to push through because you just don’t know anything else to do but keep it moving.
What you need is bigger than a nice pampering self-care routine, a passport, or unhealthy coping or escape methods. You need a powerful system of self-defense – a strong buffer from the negativity and weight of your responsibilities. You need more effective tools to get deeply rooted and grounded in joy, peace of mind, and wholeness. You need practical strategies to help you consistently rise above the fear, uncertainty and doubt, so that you can hold on to the clarity, courage, and community needed to lead the way.
Finding Your #UnspeakableJOY: Right There Where You Are is a personal well-being workshop I created to teach you some of the best cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, and stress reduction techniques from my Soul Power Coach™ toolbox.
Join us. Be accountable. Build consistency. Reduce stress. Increase #UnspeakableJOY. Develop community. Achieve results.



exceeding the power of speech;
unutterable; inexpressible; indescribable
marvelous, awesome, etc.; beyond human expression; ineffable



What To Expect

Even if it’s been a moment, you know how amazing it feels to cry tears of joy. I want you to feel that level of joy more often. This is the first step. Everything you need already exists within you. Your mind is a muscle. Think of this as an exercise bootcamp. Let’s come together to practice developing the “muscle memory” you need to reach this kind of joy that is so full, so complete, and so amazing that it is beyond anything you can describe. This workshop will give you powerful and simple tools for finding #UnspeakableJOY in your daily life, based on the workbook of the same name. By reframing what you see, you will learn that you can retrain your entire mindset to create a life filled with joy beyond your current understanding.  
You know me. I don’t pedal nonsense. I am offering you meaningful support and skills practice. What you need most is ACCOUNTABILITY, CONSISTENCY, and COMMUNITY. 
This is an interactive conversation. We will discuss topics related to an expanded definition of personal and professional development. Topics will cover the 12 Soul Power Coach™ life areas; practical strategies for peace of mind, courage, clarity and self-advocacy; achieving work-life balance; and building a personal tribe of support. This is a private, invitation-only group workshop. 


Workshop Outcomes 

You will: 
  1. Develop a personal definition of #UnspeakableJOY
  2. Shift perspectives to identify and uncover #UnspeakableJOY in current circumstances 
  3. Learn how to prioritize your 12 Soul Power Coach™ life areas 
  4. Develop a plan for this higher level of joy to become your new normal of #UnspeakableJOY 
  5. Learn to apply the Sovereign Law of Roy Ayers in purposeful decision making and dealing with difficult emotions 
  6. Develop self-care and self-defense strategies to protect your peace of mind and life balance – and be more present in the moment 
  7. Discuss the 7 Points of Purposeful Decisions™ and their impact on your intended results 
  8. Interrupt the downward spiral that can emerge from a bad mood or thinking about painful memories. 


Where And How We Will Meet 

This live Zoom video workshop will include interactive group conversations based on the workbook Finding Your #UnspeakableJOY: Right There Where You Are by Adrienne Fikes, M.Ed., C.S.C. Participants will have the option to join weekly sessions by video or telephone using any compatible electronic device (computers, tablets, smartphones, telephones). 

How This Works

Think of this as a LIVE 90-Day Challenge Bootcamp. Join us. Be accountable. Build consistency. Reduce stress. Increase #UnspeakableJOY. Develop community. Achieve results. There will be 14 weekly 1-hour sessions. Outside of these weekly session, you’ll just live your life. There are no major assignments, homework or other duties. I’m only asking you to show up for yourself like you do for everyone else, and be fully present in our weekly virtual conversation.


What Will We Talk About 

Setting Your New Normal
The Sovereign Law of Roy Ayers
Bubble Wrap and Deep Roots
Know Thy Tribe
So What’s Getting In The Way
Continuing Your Momentum


Participants Will Receive: 

Access to 14 weekly private Zoom workshop sessions 
A copy of the Finding Your #UnspeakableJOY: Right There Where You Are workbook 
A private invitation to the closed, secret Facebook community for workshop participants 


Workshop Session Dates and Time 

This workshop is a 90-Day Challenge. Sessions are held for one hour each week.  


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Money-Back Guarantee

You’re making a risk-free investment because there’s a complete money-back guarantee. I want you to know that I offer a complete money-back guarantee if this workshop doesn’t work for you. That means if you apply everything that I teach you, if you show up to each session, and you don’t create a shift in your life, then you shouldn’t have to pay for it and I’ll be delighted to refund you.  You can even keep the workbook. 
Here’s the deal though, I will expect you show up for yourself come ‘hell or high water’. That means you are expected to communicate honestly, be open to feedback, accountability, and assistance, and create the time and energy to participate fully in the workshop. If you do that, we will do the work together. Now is the perfect time to practice building boundaries around your health and wholeness, and that incentive is built into my guarantee.  

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Soul Power Coach™ Bio 

Adrienne Fikes, M.Ed, C.S.C is the Soul Power Coach™ of, a best-selling Author, Speaker and Coach for highly creative adults who spread love by solving other people’s problems. Her clients are mature, passionate men and women who quietly do wonderful things serving others but don’t always pay enough attention to their own self-care. Leading educators, advocates lawyers, entrepreneurs, healers, artists and other creative professionals have worked confidentially with the Soul Power Coach™ since 2008, learning practical decision-making strategies. Ms. Fikes shows her fun-loving clients exactly how to find the divine answers, life balance, and inner courage they crave to show up more consistently as their most powerful purposeful self, in 12 life areas. 
Ms. Fikes is a former training and development specialist and management analyst at a technical engineering and management consulting firm, providing senior leadership and civilian workforce development support for the Navy’s strategic missile system. Ms. Fikes proudly serves as a board member and former Executive Director of the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) of Alexandria, Virginia. Ms. Fikes resides in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. In 2008, Ms. Fikes completed a Certified Success Coach (C.S.C.) 125-hour certification from an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program, working one-on-one with the first ever M.C.C. ICF certified coach. In addition, she earned a Masters Degree in Education and Human Development (M.Ed.) from The George Washington University, and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology (B.S.) with a focus in cognitive and behavior change from Georgia State University. 


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